“Gaias Ergon” is a new company with extensive experience in the design and construction of greenhouses. The founding members, Antonis Triantafyllakis and Yiannis Chatziemmanouil, have been active in the area of metal constructions and cultivation in greenhouses since the beginning of the 2000s.

With excellent expertise in the construction section, in economic development and in modern cultivation technologies the company “Gaias Ergon” provides innovative services and integrated solutions.

From the construction and operation of a greenhouse to the promotion of the products, we draw with our partners the strategy to respond to opportunities and meet the needs of every customer.

We invite you to experience the services we offer: 

  • Study and construction of all types of greenhouses
  • Cultivation technologies with expertise in hydroponics
  • Feasibility and sustainability studies
  • Strategic design of production units
  • Financial services for your business
  • Agricultural Advisory
  • Greenhouse Equipment
  • Solutions for climate management

Browse our webpages and do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification, advice or idea you may have!